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Founded in 1975 by Doug and Edyie Kazen, we have been a premiere manufacturer and distributor of high quality implant, endodontic, portable dental, and anesthesia delivery equipment for over 40 years.

Aseptico dental equipment is developed, manufactured, and sold in-house. Our engineering team designs our products to be regulatory compliant to U.S. and international manufacturing and safety standards, allowing us to export to over 125 countries and counting. We build and service our products at our headquarters in Woodinville, WA to ensure that it has the reliability you expect from American-made equipment. Buying direct from Aseptico means you are getting the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We believe these advantages set us apart.
At Aseptico our motto is “Advancing Dental Technology.” Since 1975, it has been our steadfast commitment to bring you quality, innovative products you can depend on. This hasn’t changed in 40 years, and our promise is that it never will.


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